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Kenny Barron
Peruvian Blue
Kenny Barron


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    Artist-   Title   Label   Format   REC/SLV   Price 
Zoot Sims  Zoot Sims
jazz album from 1974 - Special Guest Buddy Rich... 
 Nirvana   Groove Merchant   LP  M-/E  €14,00
Zimbo Trio  Zimbo Trio
nice brazilin jazz bossa trio lp from 1976... 
 Zimbo   Carosello (ita)   LP  M-/E  €25,00
Young-holt Unlimited  Young-holt Unlimited
cont. a nice instrumental version of "LIGHT MY FIRE" "YOUNG ... 
 Just A Melody   Brunswick   LP  M-/M-  €23,00
Yoshiko Kimura  Yoshiko Kimura
jazz vocal album from 1979... 
 Memories   Inner City   LP  M/M  €12,00
Yasuko Agawa  Yasuko Agawa
nice original Japanese jazz soul vocal from 1978... 
 Love-bird   Jvc (jap)   LP  M-/E  €20,00
Yana Purim  Yana Purim
nice brasil jazz vocal lp with Airto & Luiz Bonf from 1986... 
 For A Distant Love   Pausa   LP  M-/M-  €9,00
Woody James  Woody James
Nice jazz album from 1978 - cont."LA,SI SI"... 

  samples available
 Jazz Crystallizations   Pausa (ita)   LP  S/S  €7,00
Woody Herman  Woody Herman
cont."CORAZON" "NAIMA" 1974 - still in shrink !!... 
 Thundering Herd   Fantasy   LP  M/M  €15,00
Wilton Felder  Wilton Felder
cont. the great club disco boogie "LET'S DANCE TOGETHER" 197... 

  samples available
 We All Have A Star   Abc   LP  S/S  €13,00
Wilton Felder  Wilton Felder
cont. the great club disco boogie "LET'S DANCE TOGETHER" 197... 
 We All Have A Star   Abc   LP  E/E  €10,00
Willis Jackson  Willis Jackson
nice jazz lp from 1974 - the vinyl is close to M-... 
 West Africa   Muse   LP  E/E  €13,00
Willis Jackson  Willis Jackson
cont. the funky jazz track "FUNKY STERLING"... 
 Mellow Blues   Up Front   LP  M-/E  €20,00
Willis Jackson  Willis Jackson
cont. a good funky version of "PICK UP THE PIECES" 1975... 
 The Way We Were   Atlantic   LP  M-/E  €13,00
Willis Jackson  Willis Jackson
 The Gator Horn   Muse   LP  S/S  €18,00
Willis Jackson  Willis Jackson
cont."GATOR"S GROOVE"... 
 In The Alley   Muse   LP  S/S  €25,00
Walter Wanderley & Luiz Enrique  Walter Wanderley & Luiz Enrique
nice latin brazilian sound !... 
 Popcorn   Verve   LP  M-/M-  €18,00
Walter Davis  Walter Davis
Japanese jazz album from 1978 with Buster Williams,Tony will... 
 Abide With Me   Denon (jap)   LP  M-/E  €18,00
Various Artists  Various Artists
nice latin drums album from 1978... 
 Drum Solos Vol. 2   Latin Percussion Ventures, Inc.   LP  E/E-  €25,00
Various Artists  Various Artists
jazz compilation lp from 1979 - cont. Henry Mancini "Baretta... 
 Maxell Jazz Sampler   RCA Special Products   LP  M-/E  €13,00
Various Artists  Various Artists
afro-percussion and jazz funk l2LP from 1982... 
 Music And Rhythm   PVC   LP  M-/M-  €15,00
Various Artists  Various Artists
latin album best from the Salsoul label ! cont. JOE BATAAN "... 
 Salsa's greatest hits vol. 1   Salsoul   LP  S/S  €20,00
Urbie Green  Urbie Green
nice jazz funk lp from 1977... 
 Senor Blues   Cti   LP  M-/E  €12,00
Toure Kunda  Toure Kunda
afro percussion lp from 1983 still in shrink !... 
 Amadou Tilo   Celluloid   LP  M-/M-  €12,00
Toure Kunda  Toure Kunda
cont. the percussions track "SAF SAP"... 
 Casamance Au Clair De Lune   Celluloid (fre)   LP  M-/E  €15,00
Tommy Turrentine  Tommy Turrentine
very nice jazz album, this is the italian press of the origi... 
 Same   Bainbridge (ita)   LP  S/S  €15,00
Tom Scott & The L.a. Express  Tom Scott & The L.a. Express
jazz funk lp from 1975... 
 Tom Cat   Ode   LP  M-/E  €10,00
Tito Puente  Tito Puente
excellent latin jazz album !! cont."MACHITO FOR EVERE" "TRIT... 
 Un Poco Loco   Concord Jazz   LP  E/M-  €15,00
The John Payne Band  The John Payne Band
cont. the funky track "AFRICAN BROTHER" 1976... 
 Bedtime Stories   Arista   LP  S/S  €18,00
The John Cameron Quartet  The John Cameron Quartet
rare jazz funk lp from 1969... 
 Off Centre   Deram   LP  E-/E-  €50,00
The Guinness Cassanovas  The Guinness Cassanovas
obscure carribean album pressed on this USA label - incl. g... 
 Rebirth   Steady   LP  M-/M-  €80,00
The Galapagos Duck  The Galapagos Duck
nice and rare original Aussie Jazz lp from 1979... 
 In Flight   Philips (australia)   LP  E/E  €15,00
The Four Freshmen  The Four Freshmen
jazz soul vocal album from 1986 - cont."WE'RE IN THIS LOVE T... 

  samples available
 Fresh   Pausa   LP  M/M  €15,00
The Charlie Rouse Band  The Charlie Rouse Band
cont."CINNAMON FLOWER" & other nice funky jazz tracks !! wit... 
 Cinnamon Flower   Douglas   LP  E/E  €14,00
The Carnival  The Carnival
cont."LAIA LADAIA" nice brazilian track !!... 
 Same   World Pacific   LP  S/S  €15,00
Terry Gibbs  Terry Gibbs
jazz album from 1990... 
 Main Stem Vol. 4   Contemporary   LP  M/M  €10,00
Terry Gibbs  Terry Gibbs
jazz album from 1990... 
 Air Mail Special   Contemporary   LP  M/M  €10,00
Terry Gibbs  Terry Gibbs
jazz album from 1987... 
 Chicago Fire   Contemporary   LP  M/M  €10,00
Terry Gibbs  Terry Gibbs
Great Latin Jazz lp from 1986 feat. Tito Puente - cont. the ... 

  samples available
 The Latin Connection   Contemporary   LP  S/S  €15,00
Teddy Saunders Sextet  Teddy Saunders Sextet
cont. the jazz samba track"OPPORNOCKITY TUNES" 1980... 
 Sue Blue   Discovery   LP  M-/E-  €13,00
Ted Shumate With Ira Sullivan  Ted Shumate With Ira Sullivan
jazz album from 1986... 
 Gulfstream   Pausa   LP  M-/E  €12,00
Tatsuya Nakamura  Tatsuya Nakamura
cont. the jaff funk track "RIP-OFF" original Japanese album ... 

  samples available
 Rip-off   Jvc (jap)   LP  M/M-  €20,00
Tania Maria  Tania Maria
cont. live versions of "COME WITH ME" & "FUNKY TAMBORIM" 198... 
 Wild   Concord Jazz   LP  M-/E  €10,00
Tania Maria  Tania Maria
nice brazilian lp from 1981... 
 Piquant   Concord Jazz   LP  M-/E  €10,00
Tania Maria  Tania Maria
nice brazilian lp from 1982... 
 Taurus   Concord Jazz   LP  M-/E  €10,00
Takehiro Honda  Takehiro Honda
nice original Japanese jazz trio lp from 1977 feat. Ron Cart... 
 Another Departure   Flying Disk (jap)   LP  M-/M-  €30,00
Sugar Cane Harris  Sugar Cane Harris
jazz rock album from 1973 - the vinyl is close to M-... 
 Cup Full Of Dreams   Mps (germ)   LP  E/E  €20,00
Stanley Turrentine  Stanley Turrentine
jazz soul album from 1975 - gatefold cover -... 
 Have You Ever Seen The Rain   Fantasy   LP  M-/M-  €13,00
Stanley Turrentine  Stanley Turrentine
cont. the funky jazz "PAPA T" 1977... 

  samples available
 Nightwings   Fantasy   LP  M-/E  €13,00
Stanley Turrentine  Stanley Turrentine
cont."DISCO DANCING" 1978... 
 What About You !   Fantasy   LP  M-/E  €10,00
Stanley Turrentine  Stanley Turrentine
jazz soul lp from 1979 arranged by Gene Page... 
 Betcha   Elektra   LP  M-/E  €10,00
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