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Lehmanns Brothers


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    Artist+   Title   Label   Format   REC/SLV   Price 
John Handy  John Handy
nice jazz funk lp from 1977 still in shrink !!... 
 Carnival   Abc   LP  M-/M-  €13,00
John Handy  John Handy
cont. The soul jazz funk "YOU LIVE,YOU LEARN" & "HANDY DAND... 
 Handy Dandy Man   W. Bros   LP  S/S  €15,00
John Klemmer  John Klemmer
nice jazz lp from 1979... 
 Brazilia   Abc   LP  M-/E  €10,00
John Tirabasso, Frank Strazzeri  John Tirabasso, Frank Strazzeri
nice and serious independent jazz quartet album from 1985... 
 Look For Your Own   Jombler   LP  M/M  €15,00
John Tropea  John Tropea
cont."LIVING IN THE JUNGLE"" different from the 12" version ... 

  samples available
 To Touch You Again   Marlin   LP  M-/E  €15,00
Johnny Lytle  Johnny Lytle
jazz album from 1969 gatefold - stamp on label... 
 Close Enough For Jazz   Solid State   LP  E/E-  €15,00
Joji Hirota  Joji Hirota
excellent jazz fusion lp from 1981 still in shrink !... 
 The Wheel Of Fortun   Inner City   LP  M-/M-  €15,00
Jon Hendricks & Company  Jon Hendricks & Company
Very nice jazz vocal lp !! cont. the bossa vocal "BRIGHT MOM... 
 Love   Muse   LP  S/S  €15,00
Jorge Ben  Jorge Ben
1979 still in shrink !... 
 Creole Girl   Pablo   LP  M-/M-  €15,00
Jorge Ben  Jorge Ben
cont."MINHA ESTRELA DO ORIENTE" 1978 - italian press -... 
 A Banda Do Ze Pretinho   Philips (ita)   LP  E/E  €20,00
Jose Mangual  Jose Mangual
cont."BLACK & BROWN BOOGIE" SuperFunkyVocal !! "CHINATOWN" &... 

  samples available
 Buyu   Turnstyle   LP  S/S  €18,00
Jose Roberto Bertrami  Jose Roberto Bertrami
cont."SHOT ON GOAL" & "CHORODO" excellent brasil jazz groovy... 

  samples available
 Blue Wave   Milestone   LP  S/S  €18,00
Judy Roberts  Judy Roberts
cont. The beautiful jazz scat vocal bossa "AFTERTHOUGHTS" &... 

  samples available
 Judy Roberts Trio   Pausa (ita)   LP  M/M  €10,00
Judy Roberts  Judy Roberts

  samples available
 You Are There   Pausa (ita)   LP  S/S  €12,00
Julie Kelly  Julie Kelly
cont. a great jazz scat vocal version of "FREEDOM JAZZ DANCE... 

  samples available
 Never Let Me Go   Pausa   LP  S/S  €15,00
Julie Kelly  Julie Kelly
cont. a great jazz scat vocal version of "FREEDOM JAZZ DANCE... 
 Never Let Me Go   Pausa   LP  M-/E  €13,00
Julie Kelly  Julie Kelly
cont."WE"RE ON OUR WAY" Great Jazz Bossa Soul Vocal Track !!... 

  samples available
 We're on our way   Pausa (ita)   LP  M-/M-  €7,00
Julie Kelly  Julie Kelly
cont."WE"RE ON OUR WAY" Great Jazz Bossa Soul Vocal Track !!... 
 We're on our way   Pausa (ita)   LP  S/S  €8,00
Justo Almario  Justo Almario
nice jazz album from 1985... 
 Forever Friends   Meadowlark   LP  E/E  €10,00
Kai Winding  Kai Winding
 Dirty Dog   Verve   LP  M-/E  €18,00
Keiichi Oku  Keiichi Oku
original japanese jazz funk lp from 1981... 
 The Good Bad Girl   Jvc (jap)   LP  M-/E  €18,00
Keiichi Oku  Keiichi Oku
nice original Japanese jazz funk fusion lp from 1981 - cont.... 
 Misty Morning   Jvc (jap)   LP  M-/M-  €20,00
Ken Munson  Ken Munson
rare funky jazz album !!!!! sealed !!... 
 Super Flute   Paramount   LP  S/S  €40,00
Klaus Doldinger's Passport  Klaus Doldinger's Passport
cont. a nice version of "Inner City Blues" 1991... 
 Blues Roots   Wea (germ)   LP  M-/M-  €13,00
L.a. Jazz Choir  L.a. Jazz Choir
very nice jazz scat vocal album from 1985... 
 From All Sides   Pausa   LP  M/M-  €15,00
Larry Coryell  Larry Coryell
classic jazz funk fusion lp from 1974 uk press... 
 Introducing The Eleventh House   Vanguard (uk)   LP  M-/E  €10,00
Larry Willis  Larry Willis
cont. the bossa funk version of "LICKIN STICK" & "CONSOLACAO... 
 A New Kind Of Soul   Brunswick   LP  S/S  €40,00
Laurel Masse  Laurel Masse
Very nice jazz scat vocal album from 1984 SEALED!... 
 Alone Together   Pausa (ita)   LP  S/S  €8,00
Laurel Masse  Laurel Masse
cont. the beautiful bossa vocal "THE TELEPHONE SONG" 1986... 
 Easy Living   Pausa   LP  M-/E  €13,00
Lee Morgan  Lee Morgan
cont."SIDEWINDER" 1974... 
 Memorial Album   Blue Note   LP  M-/E  €15,00
Lionel Hampton  Lionel Hampton
 Please Sunrise   Brunswick   LP  S/S  €17,00
Lisa Rich  Lisa Rich
excellent jazz scat vocal album from 1985 - cont."LOVE FOR S... 
 Touch Of The Rare   Trend   LP  E/E  €16,00
Listen Featuring Mel Martin  Listen Featuring Mel Martin
nice jazz fusion funk lp from 1978... 
 Growing   Inner City   LP  E/E  €14,00
Listen Featuring Mel Martin  Listen Featuring Mel Martin
nice jazz fusion funk lp from 1977 still in shrink !... 
 Same   Inner City   LP  M-/M-  €15,00
Los Tainos  Los Tainos
cont. the indemand hip hop latin funk break on the track "AM... 

  samples available
 Same   Areito (cuba)   LP  E/E-  €50,00
Lou Stein  Lou Stein
nice jazz album from 1980... 
 Temple Of The Gods   Chiaroscuro   LP  M-/M-  €15,00
Louis Bellson  Louis Bellson
nice big band jazz album from 1984... 
 And Explosion   Pausa (ita)   LP  S/S  €13,00
Lucky Thompson  Lucky Thompson
jazz album from 1973 circular cover wear... 
 Goodbye Yesterday !   Groove Merchant   LP  M-/E-  €13,00
Macondo  Macondo
nice latin funk lp from 1972... 
 Same   Atlantic   LP  E/E  €15,00
Malo  Malo
cont. the samba fusion track "CANTINA" featuring Randy Breck... 

  samples available
 V   Traq   LP  S/S  €15,00
Marian Mcpartland  Marian Mcpartland
cont. the great jazz club version of "LOVE FOR SALE" "COMIN... 

  samples available
 Same   Bainbridge (ita)   LP  S/S  €15,00
Marilyn Scott  Marilyn Scott
nice soul jazz album from 1979... 
 Dreams Of Tomorrow   Atco   LP  E/E  €14,00
Mark Murphy  Mark Murphy
 Living Room   Muse   LP  M-/M-  €20,00
Mark Murphy  Mark Murphy
cont."MAGDALENA" "BEFORE WE LOSE TOMORROW" Very Nice Jazz vo... 
 Night Mood   Milestone   LP  S/S  €13,00
Mark Murphy  Mark Murphy
Featuring Larry Coryell And Art Farmer 1988 still in shrink ... 
 September Ballads   Milestone   LP  M-/M-  €12,00
Max Roach  Max Roach
nice jazz album, italian press... 
 Same   Bainbridge (ita)   LP  S/S  €13,00
Max Roach/george Duvier/sonny Clark  Max Roach/george Duvier/sonny Clark
cont."BLUES MAMBO" italian press... 
 Same   Bainbridge (ita)   LP  S/S  €13,00
Maynard Ferguson  Maynard Ferguson
nice jazz album from 1973 - USA press... 
 Trumpet Rapsody   Mps/basf   LP  M/M  €15,00
Maynard Ferguson  Maynard Ferguson
cont. the funky jazz track "L-DOPA"... 
 M.f. Horn   Columbia   LP  S/S  €20,00
Maynard Ferguson  Maynard Ferguson
funky jazz album from 1978... 
 Carnival   Columbia   LP  M-/E  €11,00
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