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Piero Umiliani
Piero Umiliani


Soul Funk LP (691)
Disco LP (337)
Italo/Euro Disco (327)
Jazz & Latin LP (306)
Euro Jazz Funk LP (206)
Library LP (111)
Soundtrack LP/7" (50)
7" Funk Disco (103)
12" Disco (Major) (1207)
12" Disco (Indie) (359)
12" Disco (Reissue) (54)
12" Old School House (268)
12" Rap / Electro (224)
Wave / Electronic (67)
Acid Jazz (18)
Re & New LP/12"/7" (165)
Re-Edit 12" (45)
Irma Label LP/12" (88)
Ltj Xperience Lp/12"/Rmx (22)
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 Hot Groovy Highlights
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    Artist+   Title   Label   Format   REC/SLV   Price 
A. K. Salim  A. K. Salim
reissue lp - still in sshrink !!!... 
 Afro-Soul / Drum Orgy   Prestige   LP  M-/M-  €14,00
Advance  Advance
ėreissue of this classic italo disco 12" from 1982... 
 Take Me To The Top   X-energy   12"  S/S  €14,00
Afro Blues Quintet  Afro Blues Quintet
- REISSUE LP - cont. the latin jazz club "MYSTIC MAMBO"... 
 New Directions   Mira   LP  M/M  €15,00
Aldemaro Romero  Aldemaro Romero
cont. "UNA NOCHE UNA CENA" the indemand version of "METTI UN... 

  samples available
 En El Mundo   Dejavu (ita)   LP  M/M  €17,00
Amedeo Tommasi  Amedeo Tommasi
reissue of this great italian library... 
 The Sound   Arision (uk)   LP  M/M  €12,00
Amedeo Tommasi & Narassa  Amedeo Tommasi & Narassa
great reissue lp of this ultra rare sought after italian jaz... 
 Made In U.s.a.   Arision (uk)   LP  M/M  €13,00
Amedeo Tommasi & Narassa  Amedeo Tommasi & Narassa
great reissue lp of this ultra rare sought after italian jaz... 
 Camera - Car   Arision (uk)   LP  M/M  €13,00
Ananda Shankar Experience & State Of Bengal  Ananda Shankar Experience & State Of Bengal
Electronic Sitar funk 2lp from 1999... 
 Walking On   Real World   LP  E/E  €35,00
Anne Wirz  Anne Wirz
spiritual jazz vocal !! Four Tet remix ! 2006... 

  samples available
 Guerriere   Heavenly Sweetness (fre)   12"  M/M  €10,00
Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band  Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band
great new african jazz funk and spoken words from this accla... 

  samples available
 Spirit Lash   Heavenly Sweetness (fre)   12"  M/M  €10,00
Arbeid Adelt! / Hieroglyphic Being  Arbeid Adelt! / Hieroglyphic Being
killer edit Marcellus Pittman's Edit of an old '83 electroni... 
 Death Disco / An Astronomical Object   Mother Tongue (ita)   12"  M/M  €15,00
Bait e Borghi  Bait e Borghi
new electronic psychedelic downtempo album from italy... 
 Flatform   Bait e Borghi (ita)   LP  M/M  €15,00
Bama & The Family / Asiko  Bama & The Family / Asiko
Killer drum club track !!! & great afro-funk track !! on 7" ... 
 Drums Of Asiko / Feeling Good   Lenar     M-/E  €15,00
Better Daze  Better Daze
acid jazz album from 1996 -still in shrink !... 
 One Street Over   Ubiquity   LP  E/M-  €13,00
Big Bang  Big Bang
A1 – XANTONE BLACQ – Let’s All Go TO Spain... 
 Rework   Arision (uk)   LP  M/M  €15,00
Billy Martin & The Soul Jets  Billy Martin & The Soul Jets
cont."I TURN TO YOU" "FUNKY FELLIN'" etc.... - super funky r... 
 I Turn You On   Onion   LP  S/S  €18,00
Blowfly  Blowfly
 Porno Freak   Weird World   LP  M/M  €15,00
Bob Dusi  Bob Dusi
great version of Berimbau & "HOT VESUVIO" is a great and fre... 

  samples available
 Hot Vesuvio / Berimbau   Tam Tam Studio (ita)   7"  M/M  €8,00
Bobby Blackbird And The Bluejays  Bobby Blackbird And The Bluejays
great australian only funk production from 2004 !!!! only 50... 

  samples available
 What You Wanna Do / The Blejays Theme   Cardboard (australia)   7"  M  €10,00
Bread & Souls  Bread & Souls
amazing new jazz broken beat soul new album - chapter 1 - B... 
 A Family Gathering: Chapter 1   Minipan (ita)   LP  M/M  €16,00
Bread & Souls  Bread & Souls
amazing new jazz broken beat soul new album - chapter 2 - B... 
 A Family Gathering: Chapter 2   Minipan (ita)   LP  M/M  €16,00
Bread & Souls feat Paul Randolph  Bread & Souls feat Paul Randolph
Bread & Souls is an ensemble of musicians, singers, DJs, pro... 
 Find The Beauty   Minipan (ita)   7"  M/M  €13,00
Cecil Holmes Soulful Sounds  Cecil Holmes Soulful Sounds
cont."SUPER FLY" "SHAFT" "2001" "ACROSS 110th STREET" reissu... 
 The Black Motion Picture Experience   Buddah   LP  S/S  €15,00
Charles Kynard  Charles Kynard
90's reissue of this classic jazz funk lp... 
 Reelin' with the feelin'   Bgp (germ)   LP  M-/M-  €13,00
Charlie Palmieri  Charlie Palmieri
Great Latin Jazz Album !!!... 
 Latin Bugalu   Atlantic   LP  S/S  €15,00
Chet Baker  Chet Baker
reissue of this great jazz album from 2021... 
 Chet On Poetry   Mono Jazz (ita)   LP  M/M  €31,00
Crystal Winds  Crystal Winds
very rare uk reissue album from 2003 of this amazing indeman... 
 First Flight   Escrow (uk)   LP  E/E  €125,00
Del Jones' Positive Vibes  Del Jones' Positive Vibes
rare reissue from 1997 of this amazing funk jazz album - sti... 
 Same   Hikeka   LP  E/M-  €70,00
Detroit Sex Machine  Detroit Sex Machine
Killer vocal funky tracks !!!... 
 The Funky Crawl / Rap It Together   Soul Track   7"  M  €9,00
Dimensions 6  Dimensions 6
A1 - Sola Intro - A2 - Living In The Sunshine B1 – Uh... 
 Expression   Arision (uk)   LP  M/M  €15,00
new deep house mix featuring Robert Owens, incl. LTJ Xperien... 
 Need You (Ltj Xperience Rmx)   Balearia (ita)   12"  M/M  €12,00
DJ Krush  DJ Krush
rare original japanese issue hip hop, electronic 2lp from 20... 
 The Message At The Depth   SMEJ (jap)   LP  M-/E  €65,00
E.m.y.  E.m.y.
nice version of the Sun Ra's track !!!... 

  samples available
 Walkin On The Moon   Dejavu (ita)   12"  M/M  €9,00
great new killer release on 12" from Mother Tongue feat. Jus... 
 The Long Way Up   Mother Tongue (ita)   12"  M/M  €14,00
Emotions  Emotions
classic disco lp reissue - cont."BEST OF MY LOVE"... 
 Rejoice   Columbia   LP  S/S  €12,00
Emotions  Emotions
reissue of their 1978 album... 
 Sunbeam   Columbia   LP  M-/M-  €11,00
Eva Ryu  Eva Ryu
Electronic Acid, House 12" ich from this really underground ... 
 Iam Fuck Dog   Nbst (ita)   12"  M/M  €12,00
Everyday People  Everyday People
reissue of this classic superfunk album - still in shrink !... 
 Same   Red Coach   LP  M-/M-  €30,00
Fabio Nobile  Fabio Nobile
great new remixes versions by SUNAGA T EXPERIENCE & YUKIHIRO... 

  samples available
 Zozoi - The Japanese Remix   Dejavu (ita)   12"  M/M  €9,00
Fabio Nobile Feat. Lorraine Bowen  Fabio Nobile Feat. Lorraine Bowen
Beautiful new vocal bossa version !!! 2004... 
 Zozoi   Dejavu (ita)   12"  M/M  €9,50
Family Four  Family Four
reisuue of this ultra rare old school funk rap 12" from P. B... 

  samples available
 Rap Attack   Tyson   12"  S/S  €11,00
Francesco Sotgiu  Francesco Sotgiu
great new jazz double album from 2023... 
 Passing   Mono Jazz (ita)   LP  S/S  €38,00
Frank Hernandez  Frank Hernandez
limited high quality reissue LP of this ultra LATIN JAZZ rar... 

  samples available
 En Salsa   Dejavu (ita)   LP  M-/M-  €25,00
Funki Porcini  Funki Porcini
Electronic, Downtempo 2lp from 2002... 
 Fast Asleep   Ninja Tune (uk)   LP  E/E  €40,00
Garcynoise, Luca Mauro  Garcynoise, Luca Mauro
excellent groovy house release from Move On Up Spain 1. "... 
 Housematic (Ltj Xperience Rmx)   Move On Up Spain   12"  M/M  €13,00
Genius  Genius
reissue of this rare funk psychedelic latin album from Argen... 
 Same   Easy Tempo (ita)   LP  S/S  €38,00
Gerald Mitchell  Gerald Mitchell
amazing Detroit funk - p-funk realease from Underground Resi... 
 The Metamorphosis Of Twookie Wonder Brown (Listen)   Mother Tongue (ita)   12"  M/M  €15,90
Gino Marinacci  Gino Marinacci
great reissue from 2021 of this rare jazz funk library album... 
 Atom Flower's   Mono Jazz (ita)   LP  M/M  €30,00
Hidden Strenght  Hidden Strenght
cont."HUSTLE ON UP(DO THE BUMP) classic funky album1975 - re... 
 Same   Ua   LP  S/S  €15,00
Isoul8  Isoul8
beautiful and essential nu jazz soulfull house double album ... 

  samples available
 Balance   Sonar Kollektiv (germ)   LP  M/M  €17,00
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